Character Descriptions


Seth MacFarlane as Stan Smith

Stan Smith is the super patriotic patriarch of the Smith family. When he’s not being awesome as a top CIA field agent and weapons specialist, he’s busy thinking he’s the greatest father and husband that ever lived. Stan’s approach to things can be a bit drastic, but it’s really in everyone’s best interest – according to him.

Wendy Schaal as Francine Smith
Francine Smith is the wife, mother and voice of reason of the Smith family. Although her days are mostly filled with cleaning, cooking, and caring for her brood, she, on occasion, will break out of the rut and do something wild – like drink red instead of white wine. Francine may seem like a boring housewife, but she’s full of surprises and unexpected turns. Just like a Dan Brown novel.

Seth MacFarlane as Roger
Roger Smith is the pansexual, alcoholic alien who came to live with the Smith family after he saved Stan’s life. He loves to dress up and create different personas that usually wreak havoc on the Smith family, but since he’s the most fun character anyone has ever met, it’s okay.

Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus
Klaus Heisler is a German, talking fish. He was an Olympic ski jumper when his brain was transferred into a goldfish by the CIA so he wouldn’t win the gold medal. He now lives with the Smiths where he is usually ignored, but like any good German, he never gives up trying to invade conversations.

Scott Grimes as Steve Smith
Steve Smith is the baby of the Smith family. Awkward and geeky, Steve spends most of his time with his three best friends, Snot, Barry and Toshi, but is no stranger to the occasional romance. Despite his nerdy characteristics, Steve can twerk better than any pop star and has the singing voice of an angel.

Rachael MacFarlane as Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith is the eldest child of Stan and Francine. She’s as liberal as Stan is Republican and spends most of her time hanging out with her husband, Jeff, while they sponge off her family. Her hobbies include protesting the atrocities of the world without doing much to change them and bong loads.